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Daniel Moesker is an inspirational Dutch jewellery designer, who knew at a very young age that he wanted to be involved in creating and designing jewellery from gemstones and precious metals. Being born into a jewellers family he began working in jewellery at the age of 12 and at the age of 15 he began to realise his dream making small interesting pieces of jewellery using the tools and techniques he had learnt from his parents and grandparents (all being inside the jewellery business). The love of jewellery has been in Daniel’s family since 1938, when his great-grandfather started a Dutch silver factory in the Dutch town Schoonhoven also known as the city of silver. In 1963 Daniel’s grandparents started a jewellery store called Veensta Juweliers in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. In 2005 daniels mother officially took over the business and she decided to build Daniel an atelier behind the store from where it all took off. The same town where Daniel's great-grandfather has started his factory is the town where Daniel began his formal Goldsmith education in 2006. In the last period of his education at the Vakschool, the Dutch school for jewellers, he started an internship at the internationally famous jeweller Hingelberg in Arhus Denmark, where he completed his training and passed his masterpiece test. After living and learning in Denmark about Danish design and craft, he moved on to study about gemstones and gem setting in Florence at one of Italy's most prestigious jewellery schools Scuola Perseo. Here he learnt how to set fine diamonds and gemstones and the way the Italian master jewellers work. The moment he moved back home from Florence to the Netherlands in 2010 he officially launched his company Daniel Moesker Jewellery, creating small collections and bespoke jewellery that gained an international clientele. From the moment it started, his jewellery has been on sale at major jewellery events like Gemworld Munich, Jewellery London and is sold by a select number of jewellery retailers throughout the world.

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