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Pearls & Gems

Rare and Untreated gemstones for connoisseurs and designers

Let us hunt for you!

Specializing in fine quality loose colored gemstones, Gems by DM provides gemstones to connoisseurs, goldsmiths, and jewelry designers. We have a unique collection that was sourced during our travels through out the world. In stock we have a large and diverse inventory and if not direct available, we have a large network which can provide us with any gemstone on the market.

Matching pairs and suites

Being a goldsmith or jewelry designer, one of the hardest things when it comes to gemstones is to find the perfect pair. We can provide the service of color matching and can create single pairs up to a complete suite of gemstones all in the type, size and colors you are searching for.

Create a bespoke jewelry Masterpiece

After finding the perfect gemstone for you, DM can create and design a unique piece of jewelry especially made for you. Daniel is also a goldsmith, jewelry designer and a diamond setter, with an expertise in bespoke jewelry made from precious metals combined with natural gemstones and the finest diamonds.

Consulting Service

Without having an up to date knowledge it can be quite easy to get lost in the world of Gemstones and Minerals. Next to selling to and hunting for jewelers and collectors we can also help you decide, negotiate and advise while dealing with other gemstone dealers, so you are always ensured you will get the quality you are looking for.

Rare Minerals and interior objects

for Interior designers and fine mineral collectors


Rare species for connoisseurs

We believes that surrounding yourself with things you love brings happiness, And art has always been one of the most effective elements in interior design and by combining this with natural treasures you can create a truly beautiful ambiance.

Would you like more information about current available pieces or to find you the perfect natural art object please let me know!

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Interior Design & Architecture

whenever you are a interior designer with a clientele for rare objects or a lover of Natural art objects we can find the perfect and most unusual conversation pieces for your projects.









Daniel Moesker Jewellery

Handcrafted in the Netherlands

Gems by DM is part of the Daniel Moesker Jewellery company, For more information about bespoke jewelry, Find a retailer or to see the Daniel Moesker Jewellery collections

please visit: www.DanielMoesker.com  

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